Commercial Red Snapper Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico Region

According to Gulf FINFO, “red snapper (Fig.1, Lutjanus campechanus) is also known as American red snapper, American reds, Caribbean red snapper, genuine red snapper, Mexican snapper, Northern red snapper, and snapper.” This fish species is sought by avid recreational fishermen and commercial fishing businesses in the Gulf of Mexico States. The Gulf red snapper fisheries are managed by NOAA Fisheries, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (, and individual states.
Fig. 1. Red snapper. Source: Gulf FINFO (

FishWatch ( describes the “U.S. wild-caught red snapper as a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed under rebuilding plans that allow limited harvest by U.S. fishermen.”  Fig. 2 shows the monthly commercial landings of this favored fish species in the Gulf of Mexico States since 2000. Monthly commercial landings were compiled from the National Marine Fisheries Service website. Until the end of 2005, no landings of red snapper were reported during some summer months. A downward trend in the monthly commercial red snapper landings is very pronounced from Jan. 2000 to the first six months in 2010. Since the latter half of 2010, the monthly commercial landings of red snapper continued to increase up to the end of 2015.

red-snapper-gulfFig. 2. Monthly commercial red snapper landings in the Gulf of Mexico Region.
Source: NOAA Fisheries (

Red Snapper Businesses Registered in MarketMaker

More than 8,000 fishing, seafood and tourism businesses registered in MarketMaker harvest, process, sell or serve red snapper. When the search was limited to Mississippi only, there are 91 red snapper establishments. Click this LINK to view the search results online. You can sort the results alphabetically, by relevance, or by distance to your current location.

Economic Contribution of Red Snapper Commercial Fishing

The economic contribution of red snapper commercial fishing to the Gulf regional economy was estimated using IMPLAN ( software and the 2013 input-output data for the Gulf States namely, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Sector 17 of the 2013 IMPLAN input-output data, the commercial fishing sector, was used to represent commercial red snapper fishing. The base IMPLAN model estimated the economic contribution of commercial red snapper fishing with the assumption that the local purchases coefficient was 100%. The total economic contribution in the Gulf of Mexico Region of commercial red snapper fishing in 2015 reached $53.7 million (Table 1). Commercial red snapper fishing created 734 jobs and generated labor income amounting to $19.4 million in the five Gulf States.

Table 1. Economic contribution of commercial red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico Region
Impact type Employment



Income impact
(Million dollars)
Value added impact
(Million dollars)
Output impact
(Million dollars)
Direct Effect 598 11.9 14.7 28.0
Indirect Effect 44 3.0 5.8 12.5
Induced Effect 92 4.4 8.1 13.2
Total Effect 734 19.4 28.6 53.7

Total economic impact includes direct, indirect and induced effects estimated by using 2015 annual landing values and 2013 IMPLAN data. Local purchases percentage was set to 100%. Dollars are rounded to nearest $100,000.


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